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Sprinkle lightly over liquid – D-VOUR transforms 100 times its weight within seconds.
What was liquid becomes a tidy congealed semi-solid, easy to shovel, pick up with a Gala Lobby Dust Pan. D-VOUR make cleanups much easier, faster and more pleasant, especially since it devours all odour leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance.

Eliminates drippy mops, towels and swab rags. Ideal for spills, broken containers of food, drinks, liquid chemical, vomit, urine, blood, any health care facility liquid and accumulations of liquids in bottoms of trash receptacles.

D-VOUR Absorbent Powder’s advantages:

  • For hard floor floors
  • Can be used in many situations and types of spills including health care, kitchen areas, chemical spills, washrooms
  • Expands to 100 times its weight in seconds – able to be brushed up with a Gala Lobby Dust Pan
  • Easier, faster and more pleasant cleanups
  • Devours unpleasant odours after cleanup leaving a pleasant lemon scent
  • Simply sprinkle absorbent powder and sweep up.


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